Sebastian st. john

born 1645 in Lille, france

A self-proclaimed playboy, Sebastian has a different woman every night. He treats them well and has a charm that rivals Casanova.  He owns a nightclub called You Belong To Me. A forties themed establishment inspired for Lily's love of the era. It was a birthday surprise for her. His romantic ways soon focus on Lily and he pulls out all the stops. Sebastian was a French aristocrat when Alive. His family was killed in front of him and he barely escaped with his life.

Helena Gauis (she took Julian's name for convenience)

Born 1050 A.D. in what is now  athens, greece

Helena is grace personified. The oldest of the vampires, she exudes wisdom. Her love for others is unsurpassed and so are her protective instincts. She spends her days with her lover of 500 years, Julian. She helps with his research and keeps the family together.

San Francisco Vampires


born 1986 in trinidad, ca usa

Andrew is a hopeless romantic that masquerades as a butler. Lily saved him from destitution when his employer sold the cafe he worked at. He champions his desire to become a vampire daily. His devotion to the family shows that he has a huge heart.


​Born 1841 in the area now known as missouri, usa

Don't let Hannah's roots fool you. She is a strong, independent vampire. She imbibes 'herbally enhanced' blood to remain calm. She is feisty and formidable. She dresses more goth than girl next door. Her hair color changing weekly.


created- only he knows when

Aidan is as old as time. Only he knows how old for sure. A fire Djinn, he is a warm spirit that loves to travel on the wind. He is a self-proclaimed vampire hunter yet something about Lilith makes him change his ways.

Manda hightower

​born in ??, GA usa

Manda is a model who wants to be a biologist. Her high ambitions and intelligence make her curious about Aidan. Soon they are riding the winds together.


​born in san francisco, ca usa

Liam has worked as a lawyer helping people who need it the most. He takes on big companies and rich landowners that discriminate against minority populations. His boyfriend left him when he received a little bite on vacation to New Orleans. His good heart rivals Andrew's and Lily's. 

Sidiel (Diel)

Born 342 A.D. in Hell

Diel is the owner of a lovable hell hound puppy. Even though he is a demon he prefers the world topside. He's a duke and abhors the pretentions of royalty that he deals with down under. His unique talents enable him to find treasure anywhere. He is very wealthy because of this. His parents still live in hell.

Julian​ Gaius

born 1247 A.D. in what is now rome, italy

A researcher and a lovable no-it-all. Everyone comes to him for answers and he doesn't disappoint. His lover, Helena is his reason for his gentler self. He was a roman officer and don't ever forget that he is a fierce fighter.

Lilith Goodwill

Born 1914 in San francisco, ca. USA

Lilith or Lily works for the San Francisco Suicide Hotline. She wants to save the world one soul at a time. Always trying to do good and a confirmed germaphobe, she handles her obssession with handi-wipes and handsanitizer. Her guilt over eating al fresco is endearing.

A wild child in her youth, she was turned at a party when she followed a mysterious stranger into the garden.

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