​born in london, england

Raven is Thorn's familiar. He found her in a time of need and stayed fast to her. He was once a raven at the Tower of London.


​Born in kilkeel, ireland

​Thorn is a natural born witch. Her mother died in childbirth and she was raised by her grandmother, a witch also. Her grandmother was hit by a car when Thorn was 16. She has a half-brother who is bent on killing her and stealing her powers. His name is Caleb. He has chased her all over the world.

RIchard Chylton

Born 1548 in London, england 

Richard was born during dark times. He spent his days as a guard in the Tower of London and his nights dreaming of his childhood love. When she seeks him out after being years apart he knows he can never let her go again. She ends up imprisoned for witchcraft, his worst fears are made real. Somehow they have to survive.

​Se O'Bradigan

​born in new york, ny usa

Se, pronounced Shay, found himself with a degree in Philosophy from UC Berkeley and no job. So he joined the police academy and is now a Detective. He spent summers in Ireland with his grandmother and is inexplicably drawn to Thorn.