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When it comes to writing I have multiple genre obsessive disorder.

Most fiction writers have a number of characters sharing their brain. It's no different for me. At this time  I have a sparkly magical side that loves every thing supernatural and then there is the other side. This is me. I blame it on my reading—EVERYTHING.

As Jessica McBrayer, I write contemporary romances, where the only magic involved is the power of love.

So, why the alias. Well, I've discovered, painfully, that the readers of my two different genre's are only interested in their genre. I developed two email lists, one for each side, Paranormal Paramours, and The Heat Beat for those who don't care for the paranormal. And as they say, ne'er the twain shall meet.

It became increasingly important to separate the two styles of thinking and the stories that come from that. It's time to assume an alter identity.

Stay tuned in the near future for my paranormal books to be published under a new name: with new looks, added materials, a whole new series within a magical world. More books about some of your favorite characters with lots of magic, mayhem, magic, strange beings doing strange things, all the while trying to find, save, or marry a mate, their one true love. Did I mention magic? Some things never change.


Jess(ica) N(athalie) Roberts (my grandfather's name. He was a writer, editor and publisher.


When it comes to love stories you can always expect hot, slightly flawed heroes, strong quirky heroines and always, always a HEA

(happily ever after)