A little background

I am a romance writer who adores happy endings and steamy interludes. I've written 35 books with more to be released in 2022.


My books explore how people can recover and go on even under the most crushing circumstances, refusing to give up.


I can't seem to write without an element of suspense or mystery, because that's the type of romance I love to read.

My heroes are flawed, but not irredeemably so, They're strong alpha men with a softer side the women in lives help them find.


My heroines are strong and snarky. They know what they want and go for it regardless of the danger, willing to give it all for the men they love.

My books are about hope and love and the indomitable human spirit.

I love it when readers reach out and tell me what they want to read or what they didn't like. I write for the story in my head and I write for you.

You may also follow me on social media, which includes two Facebook pages, one is my author page and my Bookinista page is for a community of readers. I have a page on BookBub in my social media links below, which alerts you to any special sales. And to contact me email me at