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Never Miss A Thing.

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Partners fighting crime BK-1


Enchanted love lives forever,

Richard Chylton is a man out of time. Appointed as a keep in the Tower of London during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, he hates what he sees happening to innocents accused of witchcraft.


His mother is a midwife, always vulnerable to accusations, and his best friend as a child could make magic.


Thorn loved to play tricks to entertain Richard, unknowing what she was and how dangerous her powers could be. She is a natural witch from a long line of powerful women, spirited away fto relatives in Ireland when she was five and Richard was eight. But they had a connection that lasted through the years.


Their dreams of each other were really visions and when Thorn realizes that Richard is in danger she returns to London fully aware of the danger that might await her. What is the cost of true love? Can it really live forever?

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Murder of Crows

Forced Proximity, Forbidden Love, BK 3

After a deadly encounter with Thorn's half-brother brother, Caleb, she and Sè move to Ireland. They plan to recuperate at Thorn's grandmother's home. As a witch, Thorn receives a less-than-warm reception and when children go missing, of course she and Sè are the first suspects

But those who remember her family and the old ways, come to her for protection—and to find the children.

They prepare to battle a force from the ancient magic of the green isle, One that will either destroy them release powers that had been hidden.

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Inked Heart

, BK 4

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Irish Ink

Share the Powers of Love, BK 5

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