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Hockey Romance Spin-off

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Partners fighting crime BK-1

It's all a game until it's not.
My name is Asher. Most people know me as a cybersecurity consultant. In my secret life I'm an underground MMA fighter. It's complicated.

​I met a  hacker  on a gamer site. The first I've ever met who could best me.


When she tries to take down a human trafficking ring she comes up against some of the most dangerous people on the dark web. Now we are running for our lives, immersed in a game of cat-and-mouse, with enemies who are playing for keeps.

We are some of the best but there is a mole in the FBI and the only ones we can trust are my brothers in Force Security. Even with all of our skill their hacker might just be better.


Second Chance BK-2

His best friend’s dying wish is for Seth to raise his daughter.

The first Seth hears of it is when the will is read. The deeply traumatized little girl, Sylvie, is soon the center of his world. When a former nanny, now chef, agrees to help them adjust to their new lives, it doesn’t take long for him to realize that she is the woman he never thought he needed.


But Seth is a top agent on a team of elite security guards. He’s one of the best but sometimes he’s too good at his job. When one of the psychopaths he’s helped put away, is paroled with a vow to kill Seth, all his special force instincts are on high alert.

How does he keep his new daughter and the woman he’s come to love, safe from a firebug who will stop at nothing to kill them all?



Forced Proximity, Forbidden Love, BK 3

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