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Do You Love Romance with a twist?

Want to step into a story with characters you can love? Want to take a breath, a break, get a fresh perspective, something outside your daily routine? Need to renew your faith in happily ever after?

Hells to the yes! Start here!

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Comtemporary Romance by Jessica McBrayer

Jessica McBrayer writing as Jess N Roberts


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Book 11 in the Savannah Heat series

My wife died, and my little girl needed me, so I retired early from the Los Angeles NHL team. L.A. is where I'd met my wife, where my daughter was born, and where my career ended.

Then Sarah died and my house was haunted with memories. I was going through the motions  except with Rosie. She is the light in my world. I had no regrets about retiring to take care of her full-time. 


I hadn’t figured out how to move on. Then my old friend, Jakob Baumgartner from the Savannah Heat, called. The Heat needed a center.  I had two days to decide. Did I even want to play again?

In the end, it was a simple decision. I wanted more for Rosie and me and we were ready for a change..

Bring it, Savannah!

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Book 5 in New Orleans Cajuns series

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Reviews for Savannah Heat:

"Another awesome story.I would recommend this to everyone,also I would give it more than five stars.There were so many people in this book that I don't want to tell you what happens so choose this book."


For New Orleans Cajuns:

"Loved this continuation of the Savannah series. Ty, Lis and Sophie were hilarious and the best of friends, until Ty and Lis weren’t.😉I really loved these characters right away along with the secondary characters. Sweet romance with some drama but main focus on new found love. Looking forward to the next book."

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